Hello frens. Looking for some feedback for this rejected track. Any input is welcome. Thx!

I think the part with spring reverb guitar at 0:34 and 1:17 is the problem

Too much reverb and too empty (kick and guitar)
try use some nice atmosphere and reduce the reverb

this is an awesome “Tarantino” song to me, only these 2 parts are harsh

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Mk. I like that part for its uniqueness, and I think it’s catchy, but I can see how the it could be off putting and empty, which would affect its commercial appeal. Thx for your input.

its kind of too much spring reverb on the guitars

also this should be accepted

I like the composition.

Adding to other comments, it sounds deaf (you lack hi end frequencies) and messy in the mid frequencies. Try to make your instruments sound larger (more low end and hi end) and each should have its own place to peak 2-4 dbs more than the other in the spectrum to make a clean mix. It would have respected mix quality standard in 1970 but not now. Unless you want to go with that oldies vibe deliberately but I’m not sure if Audio Jungle want retro quality sounding tracks.

Thanks for the detailed critique. I’ll try to spend more time learning about placing each instrument in its own place with its own peak in the spectrum like you said because I usually just go with intuition when I do my EQ and panning during mixing.

I start by decide where each instrument will get his place in the spectrum before to do it (eq) depending of their register or/and context and which they are placed in the song. If you have annoying loud harmonics on one instrument, lower them with a very narrow notch (you have to lower only individual problematic harmonic one at a time). I clean all my instruments like this before to place them in the spectrum. Percussion have often a lot of annoying ringing that can mess the mix. Clean them and you will see a pleasant difference. At one point, you will hear all harmonics individually in a sound and find directly which is problematic. But if it’s not the case yet, use this frequency analyzer (Voxengo SPAN Plus) for help. Use a pro reference mix to compare. Judge with your ears if it sounds right or not yet. Take breaks to not lose your objectivity too much.

With practice, it will become easier to do it, like a second nature. It’s a mix between technicity and art (objectivity and subjectivity). The important in the art part of it is that, at the end, everything as been done for a reason and make sense in the context. We all pass through a period of confusion and have to practice our brain to listen more and more to small details before to be good and confortable with it. The hard work pay off at the end! Here is a great youtube channel about mixing: https://www.youtube.com/user/mixbustv . I improved my skills a lot with his videos 3-4 years ago.

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Agree with that.

And also great tips from Anthony Sigouin.

The best tip from all of this is to keep getting comments from the community. You can’t beat honest feedback from fellow music creators - No matter what gets in or not, the comments here are gold. I’ve learned more, increased my awareness and picked up loads of tips for future mixes from others on this forum. Silver lining there :slight_smile:

I like the track - good luck!

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Thanks again for your input. I’ll check out the youtube vid.

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Yeah, I feel that for sure. The feedback from other composers and engineers is really helpful.

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Massive thanks for that mixbustv recommendation. Really good channel. The video on saturation & limiter in the mix to achieve loudness and clarity is a total game-changer.

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Yes it’s the best mix channel I found. He is very logical and easy to understand. The video you wrote about is definitely one of my two favorites. The other is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MslNaNafyr4 You are often tell (forums, sometimes even teachers or pros) to cut a lot of low end on everything by default. He explain why it’s bad to cut too much low end. When I started to follow his advices, my mixes started to sound really warm and full with yet definition instead of a bit tiny and harsh.

I would personnally advice you to start by eq low instruments first (from kick, bass, lowest guitar…). If you start by the hi instruments you will probably end with all your instruments lacking low end and have a tiny mix lacking power and warm. So start with a powerful kick with enough sub, a warm bass and by contrast you will know how much to low cut higher instruments.Place an instrument more in the low mid (could be a low guitar) and let enough low end yet to everything higher.

Do not do anything by default

This is interesting advice. I often do a lot of things by default, not because there is necessairly a reason to do so. The channel so far has been very interesting. Thanks again for sharing. I’ll be checking out quite a few of these videos ove the next few weeks.