Newcomer - rejected item - feedback needed!

I am newcomer here. My first item was hard rejected without any given details. I would really appreciate sincere opinion about it.


DuleZ - Inspiring D

Hi there, I like it but I think it needs more work. The drums need to develop a bit more…the stick click is too repetitive all the way through…I would add a few more natural sounding ghost notes and little subtle fills etc…maybe moving to a light snare shuffle or hit at some point. I would also develop a more interesting bass line that builds as the track progresses. I like the guitar parts and the production is nice and crisp and clean…could handle a touch more reverb for me but don’t swamp it…maybe bring the guitar solos up a tiny bit too. Otherwise I get hints of early Steely Dan which is fine by me. I wouldn’t call it ‘Inspiring’ either. It is a more relaxed, jazzy piece really…so I would find a more fitting title. There you go…some feedback…hope it’s helpful :grinning:

Yes…very helpful! Thanks! Really appreciate it.

Great, good luck :grinning:

Sounds great to me ! maybe a little to simple

On my monitors e-piano is little too loud. But I know - they’re kinda tricky, sometimes it’s hard for me to set level for them properly.
Also it’s little too dry for my ear - I mean try to add more room reverb. But it’s for sure not necessary :wink:

I am starting to think that too…I thought that it should be simple but I guess I was wrong. Thanks for feedback.

Yes, it’s hard with e-piano level…Listening on some systems I also got the impression that it’s too loud. You are probably right about room reverb but I generally don’t like much reverb and my tracks always ends more or less dry (unless I am doing for the client and he don’t want that) and sometimes it’s not good thing. I appreciate your feedback and impressions. Thanks!

Yeah, just spend some time on mixing. :slight_smile:
But the best advice for newcomer is always the one - use references during mixing, mastering, even production process. Just download some previews of items with close genre, that you like and compare your works to them. :wink:
But don’t get used to it too much - your music needs to be unique anyway.