I need a feedback for my rejected logo

Hi i need feedback for my rejected logo, thank you

You should have some text to go with the logo. You should also remove the grey thing in the background.

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hi as @XioxGraphix told u , rightfully so, if this is meant to be a logo, then u need a text part and that text part must be solid in terms of typo, as standards are high about it here , no matter what u create and where u post indeed. Pls also keep in mind that not only a vertical version is required but a horizontal too, and that has to influence the way u place texts … add a tagline as well, i mean apart form the name, so that u can bring in some variations, font combos and also some relief in the process. This is for what there should be and is missing … now here we go for what u have … Well, if u ask me the combination of both illustration parts is not a good idea, not to mention that i have a whole lot of trouble to identify what the black thins is supposed to be all about … is this a shield? or a big tooth? honestly , i cannot figure this out … as u may know this is a logo and here they seem not to be too fond of logos in lost of elements , u already have a very good looking and complex feline on top i think that this is enough … the green stroke is also not really matching super well with the rest of what u have , this is surely contrasting but not being super harmonious in the first place and this is also not really making much sense as for as logics go, as well. Besides, about the stroke, if u really prefer keeping it, i would personally make it thicker …

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Sports logos are different and don’t require both a horizontal and vertical version.

In fact I don’t think it’s really a requirement in general, since the vast majority of logos on GraphicRiver only have one version.

hi buddy , well this is not what i have read in the forums, but u may be more aware than me … :slight_smile: i guess that in a general way it does not hurt … now i have trouble to identify how only sport things could be free from a regulation if this is really one lol