My First logo design rejected by quality team ... kindly share your reviews about my logo design

My First logo rejected by quality team … need suggestions … advise

hi first of all the horizontal version is missing among what u showed and same goes with the black and white version indeed … i think that this is worth reminding you off the fact that the logo category is the only one in which missing version can result in a hard rejection

after this i guess there is a small issue when it comes to the execution and balance among the imbrication of one leaf inside the other

i think that you should also darken the the green text so that this is more readable indeed

Thank you for your detailed reply. i have seen many logos on graphic river only with vertical versions.

Yea that’s something that I’ve always found confusing. The logo template rules and guidelines state that a horizontal version is required, and that’s often something that is said in the forum, however, one of my favourite logo designers on GraphicRiver who posts items regularly, only ever has vertical versions of the logo, never any horizontal versions, and they don’t seem to have any issues being accepted.

Horizontal versions are good to have so that customers have options, but personally I don’t think every logo needs it. So this is an area that definitely needs some more clarification.

Yes that is my point.

and for quality … whats wrong with my logo design ? yes i think the tagline should be more visible but for that hard rejection is confusing for me.

I like the colours, and the shape is pretty good, but I don’t really like the font choice. I’m not sure exactly why, but it doesn’t seem to fit well with the icon. The tagline also seems too close to the title, which is part of the reason why it’s hard to read.

For the icon itself, it generally looks pretty nice, aside from one small detail that throws it off slightly, which is the line on the top section. The bottom two sections have lines that nicely follow the curves of the shape which adds a nice pseudo 3D effect, gives it depth, but the top section doesn’t have the same effect, it’s hard to see how the depth makes sense with that part. If that makes any sense.

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Avoid overused concepts like leaf, green, bio, eye. Use them only if you have a brilliant new ideea.

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if u want to find flaws in the system , u will … people are not robots and they have to handle artistic like content which naturally implies a good deal of feeling, emotions and compatibility with tastes … so just take it or not as u wish … but one thing is for sure this is that u did not make it … so if u want to have more rejections this is up to u , not to change anything if u know what i mean

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Yes, I also think the upper part is bit confusing.