I make pack video category motion graphics

Hello to all:

My idea create video animation motion graphics but I use transparent background animation file buyer and
remove watermark (not worry for watermark my video), pack more 10 animations category “motion graphics” pencil wirte animation :slight_smile:

it’s good idea or bad?

thank you so much, regards.

Hi. I think the problem here is about a lack of design and motion. About design the text has not much elaboration, it’s way too simple, simple is not bad but it is in this particular case. And motion of pencil looks like made by a robot hand, you really need to work on easy/ease keyframes to make animation smoother, motion should visually flow, it doesn’t have to be motion-stop-motion again-stop and so on.

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Thank you, error movement…

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bad keyframes… sorry…

I try make a new design very professional and best animation (keyframes) for approved videohive

The thing is not how many keyframes you use, it’s about making a smooth and flowing animation, that’s what I tried to say. Search for tutorials about easy/ease keyframes and graph editor curves in After Effects, you can find a lot on YouTube. That will help you.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:



please comments my other design in forum thank you