Motion Graphics - Hard Rejected

I uploaded this background to Motion Graphics category, but it was hard rejected (with a standard explanation for rejection). What is wrong with it, in your opninion? How could I improve it? Thanks in advance.

P.S. Now I think to maybe upload it as a motion elements pack in AE template.

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Please add you demo video because maybe we can help you regards :slight_smile:

Sorry, completely forgot to do it :slight_smile:

As a single background it looks a bit like just grid of icons, as for me. Maybe that’s the reason :neutral_face:

Thanks for your opinion. Do you think there’s a way to improve it?

may be it’s because, it does not look like a background… too mottled

Thanks for your opinion.
Anyway, the reason is not just in the background - I also uploaded it as AE template later (as a motion elements pack, not as a background) and got hard rejected again (with a standard explanation). Don’t know why.