Suggestions. :)

Can give me Possible suggestions and additional ideas

It’s look so simple and basic, Make animation more faster and use Key frame Interpolation for make smooth animation

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Thanks for the advice

Music Harmony is good
But other aspects of designs like color, shapes and motions were very simple, fixed and old style, as We told you before work more on the motion graphic principles:blush::blush:

Hi. It´s like the other examples of yours. I mean is too basic and simple about animation, design and text. Here you have an example published today:

I´m not telling you to copy it, just use it as inspiration to see what is a smooth animation using keyframe interpolation (search for tutorials on youtube to see how you can work with Graph Editor and curves in After Effects), the example is simple but fast. And try to change the font, looks outdated.
Keep working! :+1:

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