I’m stepping down as CEO of Envato (and moving to the Envato Board)

Hello, Envato Community!

It’s hard to believe that, counting the lead up to our official launch in 2006, this is my 15th year at Envato! We’ve come a long way together in that time, and I’m so proud of everything that’s happened, especially of the nonstop innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship of you - our community. But, I also know that Envato’s best years are still ahead.

I have some rather big news to share today. After 14 years in my CEO gig, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to step down from my role and empower a new CEO to take the business into the future. I’ll still be around though! I’ll be staying on as Chairperson of the Board. I still, and will always, care deeply about this community and business, and there’s plenty for me to do on the Board to level up our game, especially now that we are a registered B Corporation.

We’ve been on the search for a new CEO for a while, and we’re getting to the last stages, and I expect to be finalising the announcement of Envato’s new CEO in the coming months (and you’ll see me back here with lots more details then).

The search for someone to look after this community and this enterprise has been a long and tough one, as there’s no way I’m handing it over to just any old person. But I think we’ve found someone really great, with just the right mix of global outlook, community ethos, marketing at scale background, and humility to take it further than I can. I look forward to introducing them when we’ve got everything all set. Not long now!

It feels like the end of an era for me, but the beginning of an even greater one for Envato. For those of you who have been around since our founding in 2006, and for everyone who has come along for the ride since, thank you for your continued support!! It’s really humbling to look back and see what we’ve been able to create together, especially as we’re tracking to another year of record community earnings.

Thanks for reading! The team and I will be coming back to this thread, until this Thursday (27th August) to answer questions about this announcement. I know these kinds of discussions can easily go off on a tangent (especially with a huge topic area like leadership!), but I’m going to try to keep us on topic.




Congrats @collis, an amazing run. 15 years goes by so quickly. :champagne:


Wow, Congrats on the achievement 15 years is a lifetime, take care :slightly_smiling_face:


@collis contributions to this organization as CEO have been immense and tremendous. Hope you keep doing your good work in your next role as well and inspired us. take care :mask: and be happy :envato:


Collis, thanks for all the opportunities you created for me and this huge community. It’s probably super hard to pass all these responsibilities, but i’m sure whoever takes it over will live up to your expectations.

Marius H.


I think this is a good change, a new CEO would bring new opportunities.

Thanks for everything @collis


Thank you for creating this amazing platform!

I hope the new CEO is a good move for all of us.


I am a bit worried that a new CEO, who is not a founder, will mean more corporate decisions and more care about the companies bottom line than the sustainability of the wealth of community and the marketplaces as a whole.

I hope my worries will proof unfounded.


Greetings Collis, has been a long one for sure!
For what matters, I’ll always be grateful to you having changed my life through Envato.

Hope you’ll find a good one as new CEO, focusing on authors, the real core of this platform.

Good luck with your future and… if you’ll be around Montecarlo (Principautè de monaco), you have a free beer and tour guide! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congrats man!


I wish you the best! I’m worried about us authors, can you give us some details about the future plans? I’m worried because in the last 2-3 years Envato applied multiple actions vs the authors and their earnings (new fixed fees, flooding the market with low quality items (now fortunately ended), lower prices by de-regulating pricing policies, Elements, discounts).

We’re already at the limit and I’m worried about the future.
Thank you!


That’s unfortunately how it is always is, someone new who is not a founder won’t have any regrets.




Out of those 15 years, I’ve enjoyed 8 so far. Wish I had joined earlier! :smiley:

Thanks a bunch.


Thanks for everything Collins, good luck with your new endeavor!


Congratulations! Good luck, and thank you!


It has come a long way (Envato) but I think there are good days ahead.Good luck :+1:


Wow, huge news! Life’s a journey, not a destination. Best of luck, @collis, in your upcoming projects and thanks for creating this platform that changed the life of so many artists, developers and producers.

Please, remember that non-Elements authors also exist.


So proud of you man!


You are really best mentor my man!! Congrats…