I m new here and I made some banner can anyone help me

I m new here and I made some banner can anyone help me is it fulfill all requirements? Is it gonna approve? I need your suggestions. Thank You.

With respect none of these are close to the standard for here and they are all riddled with design basic errors

Just as examples and not a finite list;

  • all preview images are stretched making them look awful

  • the typography on all is all over the place with poor font choices, hierarchy and spacing

  • the construction of most of these feels very random and far from being compiled within technical best practice in mind

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Thanks for your reply. It’s just a demo obviously I wouldn’t stretched preview image.
But I will remember your advice. Thanks a lot. Can you give me any link or article from where I can Learn about this. It’ll be helpful for me. Thank you.

You have a very long learning path ahead. If you have few years to spend you can start from here.

Sorry for I say you, your design is too basic, your flyers will to be hard rejected I am sure 100%, your need practice more for approved graphicriver.

You can search tutorial video how make flyer in youtube.com.


hi , in the first place pls understand that the preview image is where anyone is starting to see your item … whether this is reviewers or potential buyers and if u show up with such distorted pictures this clearly look very unprofessional and there is no way that u go through the approval step …
1- preview pictures
see above
2- hierarchy
in ost of the vignette , the bottom line is that most of the time , the important messages are not really being underlined or being popping out more than the rest , as expected , keep in mind that what needs to appear first is the “what? who? where when?” plus everything revolving around branding for such online ads … (logo most importantly)
3- contrast
this is part of basic design principles , violating it is a very bad idea and will basically put u into trouble anytime u do … not to mention that contrast is probably the worse of them not to handle properly , as, in u will be facing additional troubles in snowfall effect as the rwsultof violating it … see next point (pls let me also mention that the contrast thing also has an impact on the hierarchy …)
4- readability
what is the purpose to have any type of item done is the most indispensable information actually are not being visible or readable ? and to the same extent why accepting such items in the end if the basics that we refer to is not being insured by what u bring to the table?
5- reading process …
i guess i will make u learn this but the eye is sweeping across the document making a z-shape (top left to to-right, then slanted way down the bottom left to end up in the bottom right area) and this determines impact zone, knowing that , with all this, the eye has a focus point in the very center of the page , too, u can thus deduct where to put important information and logos …
6- color combinations
well there are some rules to make sure that u do not get into trouble … select complementary colors, shades of the same colors or play with theme code colors, they are smart and safe choices to avoid bad combinations …
7- margins and breathing
some of your elements are too close from the edge and this makes the concerned item and the whole vignette look like “choking”
8- distorted texts
pls make sure that the text look not only readable but a minimum aesthetic , too … for this pls try to make sure not to have a “block-like” piece of text and that the spacing between letters is the right one
9- readability
one thing that u must need to know … if u make your text being crossed by picture or items under , including icons, this is will decrease the readability , so u really need to adapt well contents so that things do not get out of control …
10- coherence and harmony
mixing curvy / rounded shapes with angular / squared ones is definitely no a good idea unless u really master your art and unless u do , this will look disharmonious rather than any other thing and definitely far from aesthetic too …

still in the same chapter … may i ask why do u have in one side some very look alike asian food recipes being featured with some icons which seem to refer to the fast food industry rather than any other thing? i am sorry but for me this is not matching, this is not making it, this is not making sense, and this makes even less sense if u wish , when u turn out to put the melted icons in only the bottom right part and not on the top left one, too …
11- typo
i guess u can figure this out , maybe out of lack of experience , but here expectations are high in terms of typo, this is probably the main focus here , so at this stage u are really miles away from standards indeed … u are expected to introduce more variations, font combinations, touches of originality and globally more relief (tis will impact the hierarchy positively …)
12- proximity
this is striking in most of your vignettes that u do not know this yet … though proximity is a basic design principle , once again. This is a very important rule to follow if u want to bring quality work to the table. Besides, what is sad is that your yoga vignette is the most interesting by far and this would have had a potential if u had a better idea of how to organize things up and how to deliver a solid typo enough, too. The concerned vignette i really suffering from the fact that u did not follow this basic principle …
13- fake logo
if u use a logo , whether this is made to be replaced does not really matter, make sure that the concerned logo looks good and brings your game to the next level rather than making the item even flatter or that it even deteriorates more the aesthetic and harmony …



If you like tutorial by @n2n44 please give “solution” thank you :).

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply.

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