I´m making an intro for my podcast

I am from Sweden and I am having some difficulties reading the contract for licenses.
What license do I need to make a intro for my podcast. I am going to use both music and sfx


For podcasts, the Standard license is what’s needed. If your intro is always strictly the same with no modification whatsoever, then you’d only need one license.

However, if your intro does have even slight modifications from one episode to another, then you would need a new license for every 52 episodes (or a year). As long as your podcasts are connected in themes and can be considered as parts of a same series.

For SFXs you may want to choose the multiple use license so that you can use them without restrictions. Or invoke the series policy and renew every 52 episodes, as for music above.

Hope it helps!

Thank you very much. That helps a lot.

Hi, can I edit a song to create a podcast intro with a specific duration?

yes, you can indeed edit the music to a specific duration.

If before the intro there is a voice over saying “Hello, welcome to episode # of podcast x, today with the guest …”?
and after that
play the intro with music and voice over with the podcast name (always the same), can I have only one license?

If the voice over doesn’t play over the intro at all, I guess you could still argue the intro is the end product. That is merely my opinion and not a legal advice.

Having an intro with music and a narration on top saying the name of the podcast (equal in all episodes) it’s ok, right?

If it is the name of the podcast and not the title of the podcast episode, then it’s fine, as long as the voice over remains the same every time.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: