I’ll be accepted? Please advised me

Please help me , what I need to change/modify? I’ll be accepted? Thanks!

hi, i think that this is basically a bit too simple background wise, people will not feel like they need to buy to gain some time indeed. After that your texts are not popping out much and sone typo combinations are not really matching indeed . u have a slight problem of hierarchy too as for instance the date is smaller that the word featuring that is not important in my view , when people organizing an evening are willing to underline the date …

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Yes, nice but, l would play around with the sunset text a bit more, maybe give it a sunset color overhaul?

And change the DJ EVICH,…text as it appears to be another font, and eventhough 3 fonts is allowed, you might be pushing it with the DJ text.

The text down the bottom needs to be closer together, also.

As for the rest good or great design, but as Nico, @n2n44, has said, too simple and it needs something.

Good luck.


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hi Shane, i think that color is ok indeed , this is like one of these summer night when the sun sets and that u have these orange - colors , not to m,mention that the creation looks nice with these colors …

the problem is more about the fact that u have no real “work on the background” and i goes that the picture is included otherwise guys who buy will be complaining that they bought an empty file so to speak … i have already had a guy complaining once that the creation was flatter when there was not the model inside and for anyone who knows me or my style a bit , i am the kind of guy who puts much effort in what i do , since almost all my works are based on elaborated compositions and that my style is not minimalistic to say the least … . Thus i do not even imagine what some guys who comment if they downloaded this flyer … who basically looks cool but which is almost based on the background image …

i think that his real focus should be much on making titles text more outstanding , however, if he could have a text and titles in particular popping up and that the whole flyer looks good, then everything will be ok :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot guys!


True, Nico, someone relatively new trying to do these at speed, can’t be done, at least not initially.



u are right Shane but i think that this is even true for older / more experienced designers here … unlike what some newbies are thinking , this is not an option to offer good quality items , no matter if u stay for long . Some people are getting confused between inconsistencies and the fact that some items make when they should not and the fact that people stay for long or not. Actually it has no impact whatsoever …


And about this one what do you think? It’s good?

hi, i kind of like it , however if there is harmony and that the flyer looks rather nice , i think that u need to rework the global atmosphere of this one as this is overall too dark indeed … when i guess that all people would rather have really outstanding colors indeed. I think that typos need a rework. The main title is not modern enough in my view. I assume hat adding some adjustments layers would help to make your item more outstanding


Can you recommande a font for main title please?

hi indeed i think that u should change both fonts indeed one that u are using “Agency” font or something like this , i do not remember exactly the name of this one would better off as a main title but i would rather recommend something like Bebas Neue or something like this , flor the other ones , the info ones, i like “avenir” and “Oriya Sangam”