Summer Flyer. Will be accepted?


What do you think? It’s ok? I need to change something? Will be accepted? I’m beginner and need tips, thanks!


Hi! Nice poster but there are no bright colors, background is pretty darkened. Try to get fun with colors. Good luck :wink:


looks boring to me, like its the same concept everyone does. center everything (model, title and text) is not the way to make many sales here. besides the fact that the colors are not vibrant enough.
basically it will approved if you are lucky and will drown in a sea of similar templates. why not make something more adventurous and gutsy than that.


you should show a bit respect to other guys , the fact of the matter is that many of us put a lot of efforts in what we do in order to come up with some very good and really original items. Try to think about it, what would u be thinking if we were coming out here and criticizing your item, would u be enjoying it much? i guess u would not , so try to imagine that same goes for the other guys, not to mention that this place is ruled by this untold code of conduct and that lots of guys really do not like having guys talking negatively about their works!

besides a lot of guys try to come and teach people a lesson without really showing how impressive they actually are in the first place, and this is wrong too. Moreover, i really cannot identify how u could help the guy to have a better item by criticizing what all guys from a category are doing and especially out of doing something that may put him into trouble (i will explain later on). This happened once already , a guy came and disparaged the whole category with more or less the same speech as yours but guess what?! the guy at the same time was trying to criticize any single attempt of originality that we are having in our works (and tried to break down one of my flyers as am example, when at the same time he had left a positive comment on this very item , try to understand the logics if u can … as for me i fail to do …) , so also make sure that u are being coherent before choosing to offend people freely.

Just for your information also there are some standards here and this is unfortunately difficult to get out of them, as people are sometimes limiting our creativity out of imposing some standards and authors are not the ones to be blamed for this or at least not the most likely to be blamed for this in any case. I would also like to emphasize that putting everyone in the same bag is nothing but unfair and a lack of respect for lots of very talented guys (who make GR shine bright if u wish i will give u a long list of incredible designers that make this category one of the best of all Envato marketplaces) and the time that they spend on their items …

What u have to understand is that there is a shared responsibility for this “lack of originality” , either by authors sometimes, with a good number of guys referring quantity over quality, but all other people have a big share of responsibility as well … from buyers who very often like buying the “popular items” from “famous authors” and who are not always showing good taste or expect something very plain or flat or even who prefer buying items which are having a good number of sales out of failing to identify what real quality is. They tend to believe that they should be good ones because of the sales they make but they just fail to understand that quality and number of sales have nothing this much to do. Here this is more important to make sure that u promote well rather and upload often than trying to focus on item’s quality. This is the volume part, whether we like it or not, uploading flatter things on more a regular basis, getting exposure often , doing much for marketing are much more efficient than offering quality designs … .
Still about shared responsibility, review teams have their share too. They have their standards, some things that they expect for and sometimes ingredients prevail over the general quality but our work is not having sort of a recipe as for i know (i have spent 13 years in this business all the same) the problem is that this is sometimes hard to get out of them as i explained. There are some things which cannot make it for sale here , because they are not usual. This is preventing guys into getting in deeper originality at times … .
Same goes with envato which is preaching for originality but who is sometimes getting scared by this very originality and favor flat and quickly done things and prefer volume over quality and trends over creativity / originality … as they prove by actual test when u are considering what is being approved daily by the way

as for the way people can do to make real sales here , u seem to know much about it , i am happy for you indeed. However , your way doesn’t seem to be the same for all people since, as i mentioned earlier on, some buyers only focus on the fact that some items are being selling much and guess what these items are very often in the kind of standard that u are mentioning. Correct me if i am wrong but buyers do not have a guy with a gun in the hand ready to pull the trigger if they do not buy this kind of item, do they ? so what is the conclusion? i am asking u …

maybe u did not get it and could not figure this out, but authors are also here to satisfy the most important number of potential customers at the same time with any of their item and here templates are for sale, not individualistic / personified works , if people expect for this they can feel free to contact guys and ask them for a freelance mission …

finally, some guys are sometimes being critical with the global flyer product here but in the end , what do they do ? do they have a look at lots of items daily to say just that? of course not! so they should start trying to get into deeper details instead of criticizing and disparaging hastily what other guys do, then they would probably see the kind of wonders that some guys do!

@tmcom hi Shane, this is disappointing that u are supporting this kind of idea with a like on this comment when so many guys kill themselves out of working , putting all what they have and over to try to push back the boundaries of what they can do for this very much of a precarious system in which getting decent money is so difficult, sad thing to think about


Ok, Nico, but l just thought that he was offering some good advice, albeit in an abrupt way.

Flyers with models and elements around it, do sell, but not as well, as flyers without a model.



hi Shane no problem indeed, but i cannot agree with u this much as not only my sales and the ones of bigger sellers than me are proving it wrong (the likes of industrykidz for instance) as we have better sales with models than without or least not weaker ones and that , in addition, lots of guys are also trying to either add a human touch to their evening and flyer but are also trying to say ok guys and girls with have sexy guys or guys coming in our place ,… and i dare say that no matter how hard they try no one is going to make just this but using only non-human model … besides that ad been what i ha d told the guy who came to criticize the whole flyer category as his concept was based on a big flaw the guy wanted to say just that and was basically promoting not necessarily having a structure based on a model but rather big letterings, people have to be coherent in what they ask for and they ask for something in particular but it also has to make sense before they come and disparage all!


Thanks a lot guys , I really appreciate!


About this one what do you think?


Way too simple, virtually guaranteed rejection, too many fonts.

Click on my Avatar image Calin and link, l have done some simple stuff, also for the speed, but there are limits to that.

The Statue of Liberty is about as simple a design as l could get, and that took a few days.

But it does get faster over time, but you can’t run, before you are learning to walk.

Good luck.



hi Shane the great variety of fonts is not much of a problem any longer and besides this has become kind of a style and also kind of trendy thing to mix many in the same document. Besides the funny thing is that once i had a hard rejection and i was sent from the reviewer a link for typo for beginners (to a guy who already was a designer for 11 + years this is kind of funny if not disrespectful … ) that was of no help at all because basically what they said is that u could do whatever with typos as long as there was sort of a harmony if u wish and the thing is that they said that it was no longer a problem to mix a variety of fonts indeed, that was the only thing that i kind of learnt because i had already noticed about in many works so i was not totally unaware of this … lol


Ok, Nico, some might buy it, based on the number of fonts used, but l wouldn’t.



all is a matter fo taste anyway Shane, some of the too flat or rather poor things that could make it here manage to have sales and sometimes good sales and this is proving it by actual test indeed