Accepted or rejected? my flyer


Please feedback thanks :slight_smile:

please help me!!! I need fix it, thanks.

hi for me , this is not a bas start but u need to bring more work to the table as far as the background goes , this makes the whole thing look a bit simple

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Yes, l would be surprized if this got through?

Too simple and the cake image doesn’'t work at all with the heart.

But nice try.


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Then I change my image, I can put image? eg couple

hi, this is kind of cute and u show some taste, which makes your work even way better than some that they accept sometimes, however, as for me, i am quite convinced that u are going to get binned with this one, the main reason is that this is still really simple or minimalistic, that u have a real effort to bring to the table for people here to accept that your item goes through, as they are crazy about typo and typo associations here (which is discussable but the again, this is something that u cannot change and have to deal with)

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I make more flyers and upload there but you not worry :slight_smile:

But I think that my last flyer (red background) see ugly my fonts I need change my fonts better and also colors :slight_smile:

keep on working and doing your best anyway, buddy, that’s what is going to make get to the next level, being perseverant is a key of either a bigger proficiency and also of better sales and better money :wink:

If you will listen flyer improve my professional but thank you very much for your help, regards.

Again upload :slightly_smiling:

Nice try but again too simple to get through in my opinion, (the mask one).

And for the first, l agree that people within the heart will work better, but you also have to remember that models are not allowed here, so that makes it tricky.

Best to click on my avatar and link to see what l and N2N, Nico have done. It is true that some of my designs are also basic, but if you look closer you will see additional pattern or grainy affects, that gets it through.


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Thanks but I wait days more come my email if rejected my first design flyer valentine then I go to add my image people in heart :slight_smile: thanks for N2N44 and TMCOM for help me.

Other a question, when I submit my design flyer, why I add prices that I want?

See my screenshot:

Thanks Regards.

help me??? please

Hey @JeriThemes
With a new update on Envato now you can select your own pricing, which rocks.

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Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @JeriThemes, glad that you took a look at my stuff, and l appreciate the feedback. Literally put everything l had into that one, but l did that after being here doing flyers for a year, so experience shows.

My first flyer, was worse than your ones, and naturally didn’t see the light of day, so keep at it and you will be creating a high end portfolio in no time at all.


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hi, this is too simple and it needs more work font wise, once again …

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It’s more my works :smiley:

Yep too simple again, but the color wheel shows promise.

I know, do a flyer quickly to make more money or make it viable when doing the numbers, but it doesn’t quite work like that here.

The Elite authors here can do one a day, l almost pulled it off once, but it takes a lot of time and dedication to do so. You also learn a few tricks to speed up flyer production which helps.


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hi all the things that u show us are too plain and not worked out enough , u need to really bring much more work to the table

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