I haven't received my commission

I have referred my friend from my affiliate account and he purchased an item in front of me using the referral link. It’s been about half an hour, but I don’t see my commission into my account. I referred multiple people before, and I got commission every time previously. What is wrong this time? Can anyone from Envato community help please.

Thank you

if your friend has clicked another link before yours, the commission is probably sent to someone else. That could be your case

That’s not the case here, because he didn’t click any other referral links before that. What I saw today is much more shocking. Today I found that my previous commission is also gone from my account. I had $8 in commission before. I am absolutely shocked by this. How a company like Envato exist with no transparency.
Could you please tell me how I can directly contact ENvato support. I couldn’t find any direct support contact email or phone.
Thanks for your response.

It’s a problem to work as an affiliate here.
For some reason, if your referred users requested a refund and the author approved that request, your commission will be all gone.
You only got the commission for the first purchase --> Goodbye to your commission!

Did he use your computer or internet connection? Could have been flagged as suspicious.

Hello @salim011999,
I’d have to agree with suggestions already put forward by others. Our systems would record the IP and device ID the purchases are made from and if they are the same (as the referral) the commission wouldn’t apply (covered in here under point 11).