Affiliate Commision Reversed


Hi Community,

I’m writing in here as I can’t get a straight answer from support.

I’m starting to use the affiliate scheme a little more now to refer clients with low budgets to pre-made themes. I referred a client via email (directly to a specific theme I’d looked up for them) last week who signed up and purchased a theme which I then installed for him. He contacted me through my personal website so any work done wasn’t anything to do with Envato.

The affiliate sale tracked and I was rewarded with the commission in my account. I thought great, I’ve made a little £ for the time I spent researching the theme.

At the beginning of March this affiliate referral was revoked. After contacting support I’m continuously getting replies which are just copied and pasted from the affiliate ToS and not an actual case-by-case explanation on why my referral was revoked.

Can anybody see what I’ve done wrong here and why I’ve broken the ToS. I couldn’t care less about the commission I’ve had revoked, it’s barely worth me actually taking the time to write this post - however it’s the principal of it and the canned responses I’m getting from support referring me back to the ToS that are ambitious at best.


what did envato wrote you exactly or to which lines of the tos they copy pasted you?


Envato wrote:

"I’ll try to explain this as best as I can:

If you have visited our marketplaces before and then click a referral link, it doesn’t count.

In order to get a commission from your referral people who click on your referral link need to be a new members and they visit/purchase on Envato market must be their first visit on the market (otherwise our system won’t grant you with commission).

A user referred via your referral link must not be related to you or your business or company.

If you provided a link to your client/follower directly then our system could count that as a referral being connected to you directly.

Please read the previously mentioned instructions on how our affiliate system works.

Information about the program can be found here:"


This in particular annoys me, if I’m able to generate a link then why shouldn’t I be able to send that link out?