My friend has used my affiliate link to create an account and bought a template, but no commission.

As title stated, my friend used my link to create and account and finally bought something, however it’s not recording as a conversion and no revenue. Why is that? I’m using the latest affiliate link so shouldn’t be an issue.

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Have they ever visited envato before?

Did they purchase it on their first visit?

Yes, they visited the my affiliate link and make a purchase after that, but I can’t be sure he made the purchase on that same session, but for sure, he doesn’t use other’s affiliate link afterwards. He did made the purchase.

The purchase needs to be made on the first visit to an envato marketplace.

If they have been on the marketplaces before or if they clicked your link, left and came back, then it will not count

That’s really unfair. The worst affiliate that I know of so far.

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