Referral Cut Reversal

I referred my friend @rajesh_hcd socialize wordpress theme theme and my friend has buyed that theme on 11 of april, 2017 and i got $13.18 as referred balance and few days ie :28 of april, 2017 my referred amount has been taken off kindly help me to get my earning back thank you

Check screenshot below

it’s seems to be fraud

Could they have refunded or reversed the purchase?

No, i contacted my friend and he said he is using the theme

and also he provided my screenshot of his purchase

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that it has not been challenged or a refund requested.

Your best option is to ask envato support.

Bear in mind - if (as i would appear at least) the payment has been reversed (either by your friend or their payment gateway) then you need to be very careful as 1) there won’t be anything they can do 2) your friend shouldn’t be using the theme and 3) most of all it could appear as quite suspicious activity against your referral account.

If of course it’s just a technical error then they are the best people to help fix it.

What do you see when you click or hover over the little i icon on the cut reversal row? Usually it contains possible reasons why this happened.

Referral earnings deducted due to self referral or a chargeback received on buyer’s deposit. Please see Affiliate Program Terms for further information.

So (assuming you didn’t try to refer yourself) your friend has charged back or reversed their payment but is still using the theme!?!?!

That means that you won’t be getting an income from it and, especially having just announced it and both account names to envato and the entire forums, you might want to point out the illegality of that to your friend - you don’t want that type of behavior is associated with your affiliate account.


Your friend shouldn’t purchase your item by using your referral link. In that case, the share will be refunded to Envato
I had the same issue before - already started a thread about it, you can check

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Thanks for your enquiry ( and for all the replies on thus thus far :clap:).
For your reference it’s best to be familiar with the Affiliate Program terms when referring customers to avoid any uncertainties. Of course if you do have further questions on this please don’t hesitate to contact us (the affiliate team) directly at,