Affiliate marketer - why didn't I receive a commission payment from my link?

I am envato affiliate market i shared a link by clicking on that link a person buys an invato element suspension but i don’t get any commission please help me



Hi there!

It’s possible that they had already visited Envato Elements before clicking on your link - you can find out more information in the Affiliates FAQ here:

Specifically, Elements uses a first-click attribution model, with a 60-day duration for the referral cookie. Your Affiliate earnings come from having a new visitor use your Affiliate link to visit Elements and then subscribe within 60 days.

If they have already been active on the Elements site before they click on your link (e.g. if they’ve previously clicked another referral link within the last 60 days, or if they found the site first via Google), you would not receive a commission for those subscriptions. There’s more detail on this in the full Affiliate Terms (part 11, sections B-D).

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