Does any body earn from Envato Affiliate program?

I have a website working now more than 6 months, I received on the Impact Dashboard ( Clicks 1,083 )

but till now i didn’t earn even $1, is this project can work or i have to shutdown my website or change it to another affiliate program.

My traffic is 100% Google search.

i’ve earned for 4 orders,but after 2019.12,no commission,seems the system error?i see other people talk about missing order too on this forum

Hi @ART-science,
Happy to look into this for you, do you have an Impact username I can reference?
We can check your affiliate links and make sure everything has been set up correctly.

For quicker response time, please email
Many thanks
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Hi @emile_b,

I still get traffic from Impact but after December 2019 no commission.

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Same here. No earning from last 4-6 months

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No one answer our question @emile_b. I sent email to but didn’t receive any reply.

I am getting some commissions on my Impact account. Not many, but there are still some.

I make around $700 to $900 every month with Envato Elements affiliate program through Impact Radius

I send more than 50,000 clicks per month to elements pages

It works really good if you have high traffic site


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@microhub Thank you for sharing your experience :handshake: