Affiliate program dosen't work anymore?

Hello there,

I realy don’t know what it’s happened but the affiliate program dosen’t work anymore for me!
I see on the report that there i have a lot of clicks … but no money earning.
I created the account now 1 year agoo, On the first 2 week i have earn almost 20 USD with 8-9 click, then Nothing!
I have a loot of click, almost 20 on each mounth and nothing earn!
I realy don’t know what’s the problem!

Please, it’s here some one who can help me?
Because i have write on the envato market support and i no reponse!

So, the affiliate programs still work or no?

Last week i have give one affiliate link to one of my customer, he have buy one product from themeforest and still no earning…?! :face_with_peeking_eye: