Envato Affiliate Account Not Working, Reffered a Customer But Don't Got any Affiliate Badge!!

Hi everyone,
I have joined Envato Affiliate Program & it’s approved. Now I created an affiliate link on my FB & refer a customer to my ThemeForest item & the customer purchase that item. But I don’t get any Affiliate Badges & commission from Envato or Impact.

I have used the same email address to create Impact (Envato Affiliate) account which email was on my Envato account. Do I have to link or connect to my Envato [ThemeForest] account with Impact? Because I don’t know why I don’t get any Affiliate Badges or any commission for referring a customer to Envato with my affiliate link.

Please anyone suggest what can I do? Or If I have to link my Envato account with Impact Radius account, how can I do that?

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As I remember, you should refer 5-10 customers to get affiliate badge.

Hi @abuhanif4321. I’ve just checked with our Affiliates team about this.

The “affiliate” badge on Envato Market was part of our legacy system, and the ranks of that badge only reflect customer referrals from before we began using Impact Radius. We aren’t able to link the Impact system to Market’s badges, so there are no badges granted from Impact referrals.

Referrals in either system are only valid for completely new customers - i.e. people who don’t already have an account, and have not visited Envato Market sites in the last 60 days.

If they’ve previously browsed through item listings on ThemeForest and then click an affiliate link, there is no Affiliate attribution for that customer.

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Hi @BenLeong
How can I refer a new customer to get Affiliate Badges?

I thought I need to create an affiliate link on Impact Radius & then publish that link on my social networks. Then if anyone click that link, they will redirect to that affiliate item on ThemeForest. And if that customer is a fresh new customer of Envato & purchase that item, then I should get an affiliate badge.

Is it the right way? Please advice!!

Thanks for the infromation :handshake: