Impact Affiliate sales

Has anyone here already sold Envato Market products with Impact in 2023?

In the last period we have referred more than 45 members on Envato Market.
No commission has ever appeared in Impact.

I read somewhere on the forum some people referred their friends to purchase the items but they didn’t get their commission as well.

Yes. I have read these too. I never do that. We only see the counter on Badges | ThemeForest on Affiliate.
Every week we have 2 to 3 new registrations, but there is no commission on Impact. It’s like nobody bought anything.

We are receiving regularly some affiliate commissions.

I also did the test of passing an affiliate link to a friend, he bought and my commission did not appear on Impact. Now I’m promoting best sellers but still no sales are registered.

How many referrals do you need to get a sale?

My Google analytics

With Envato’s affiliate program you only get credit for the first purchase made by a new customer, so while we’ve been fortunate to have made a significant number of referrals it’s just a tiny percentage of the actual clicks/traffic we send to the marketplace.

Impact’s answer: Depending on how the Brand Envato Market uploads the record of actions to, there may be a delay between when an action occurs and when you will see it in your account. has the same view of actions that you do, as the Brand Envato Market is responsible for uploading the records of actions to the platform.

Mine is working fine. I got 2 sales.

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