Sharing affiliate link

Hi, I shared in whatsap with my friend… And one successfully purchased through this link… But there is showing no commission or purchase in impact page. Please help

Hello. It looks like he visited the Envato Market, then closed the browser, and then reopened the browser and purchased the item. Such a purchase does not count.


thanks @romlam, yes correct, as the cookie has already been created on the first click, the visit is not considered new and hence why no payout is triggered.

@emile_b I already gave up on Impact Radius (IR) because I doubt that their cookie tracking system doesn’t work correctly. Its my personal observation and might be working for others.

I used to get good referrals with your previous referral process using /?ref={username} .
But after switching to IR, I didn’t get any referrals.

I’m sure that the IR referral url’s were setup correctly since I could see the total ‘clicks’ in their dashboard.

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When a person looked at the product on my affiliate link and he saved cookies and he came back and bought the product for the first time (cookies last for 90 days), then I should get affiliate money. Right? So it was with you before.

I don’t remember it ever working like this. A purchase was always considered a referral if it was made in one session with a visit

Why do you store cookies for 90 days? Envato Affiliates - FAQs

Me? Sorry, but you got something mixed up. I do not store your cookies

I meant the description in envato faq Envato Affiliates - FAQs . Why is this done envato (using a 90 day cookie).

I still wanted to hear the answer @emile_b