i have sent refund request but there is no request in my setting!!!

i have sent refund request but there is no request in my setting!!!

what i will do now?


you should get an email about the request ticket. Also you can check in your Dashboard then Refunds Tab to follow the request and continue reply from there with the item author.


i don’t get anything!

there is no request

please help me

okey i found it, what now ?

Request sent

July 23, 2019 (4 days ago)

Main refund reason

The item is broken, malfunctioning or not as described

Has the item been downloaded?


Effective support dates for purchase

Purchase date

Purchase code

Refund request ID

Hi @Azzouz1011,

Generally you don’t get a refund cause you download file. Its depend on item author.

  • You don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it

Envato have some policy for refund


Please co-operate with Item Author in the request. There your item author will reply you and both of you have reply options to fix the issues. Author has options to accept the refund request or Decline the request. So, please get in touch there. You will get notified. Thanks

but i have problems with the plugin!

they said we will refund your money

i ask them to fix my problem but they can’t fix it!

what i will do now?

i talk with their support in their website and they said we will refund your money

If the Author agreed with you to give refund then the Author hopefully will accept your refund request. So, please keep in touch with your open refund request. Author will reply you there also they have to accept/decline refund from there.


Okay then wait for their refund approving.
No worry you will get back your money.

WTF Guys, my money still on the refund request! before 13 days!!!

when it will back !!!

i will worry now, it has been 13 days.

no refund.