I requested refund but there is no information in this site about it.

Someone update me. There is no messaging system in this site? I am customer for themeforest 10 years but never asked for refund until now because the product i bought not usable for current project. I want to track this request and find out whether the authors got my request.


Here is all the information about refunds:

Envato Market Refund Rules

Please also see this Help Center article on how to request a refund:

Hope that helps!


After i asked for refund last night , it do not show the product bought in the form and also it do not show in my open request form. Strange thing going on. Never really checked this site before…Now i see site do not help the customers who buy products. Everything kinda hidden. And no system to track things. What happend to my refund request and why the theme i bought last night do not show in refund request forrm or open refund request tab. Hope some one help me sort this out.

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