i have problem when i access my account elements.envato # Whoops!

i have problem when i access my account elements.envato i cant make any download
elements.envato give’s me this message


We’re having some problems logging you in.
Please contact customer support for help.

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Hi @graphicrafidian, as suggested please contact elements support. Thanks

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Must be a site issue as i started getting this error too several hours ago.
Opened a ticket but no resolution as of yet.

I have the same issue as well. Did yours’s get resolved?

I got the following email last night:


Regrettably, after further review, we’re using our discretion and will not be re-enabling your account.

Please note, your most recent order has been voided by our payment system, so no funds have been taken from your account.


Envato Hel

I don’t know what to make of this situation. My account got locked after I tried to purchase an annual subscription with credit card and it failed, But when I tired to do it again with paypal, my account got locked!