Elements account has been locked

wow! this is crazy. My account says it has been disabled. It has been 24 hours now and they still have not re-enabled it. I pay my account on a yearly basis. I hope I don’t encounter the same issue in that they don’t actually want to re-enable it.

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You are talking about Envato Elements.

Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


I already did. Now 36 hours later and I am still locked out. How long does this usually take?

They will reply as quickly they can but we have to consider weekend.

This is what I don’t understand. I submitted a ticket on Thursday night. Within an hour they responded, “We’re currently looking into this and we appreciate your patience.” And nothing happened on Friday. Me being locked out of my Elements account has really disrupted my workflow. And I’m trapped in utter confusion as to why they would disable my account without warning if I am a paying customer. It’s like, what on Earth could I have done wrong? I couldn’t even sign into the forum here, I had to use a different user to post here to the forum. These people really need to attend some customer service courses so they can learn how to treat their customers.

A quick question, is there a way to view my ticket on the website? Such as in the Envato help center, rather than rely on replying over email?

You can try here:

That worked. Thank you. I’m going to be monitoring that ticket.

@mgscoder I don’t understand what is wrong with you people. When this issue started on Thursday night, I started posted comments where ever I could, to try to see who I can contact to help me resolve this issue. I posted a comment on your YouTube channel, and I have now come to realize that you shadow-banned me.

I posted to this video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LDQupoM8eU
I later went to see if the comment was there and it was not. I could not find it, so I first thought, “Could they have deleted it?” Then I logged in as the YouTube user account that I used to post the comment and it was there. I then asked other people in a YouTube Creator community that I am in, and they could not see either. This means that you shadow-banned. The only account that is able to see the comment is the one that was used to post the comment.

I just don’t understand this. I am a paying customer! What on Earth could I possible have done wrong for you to treat me like this??? If you don’t want me to be your customer, all you need to do is tell me and then refund my subscription.

Hi @miguelneder, we are just community member like you and in forum we are not able to help on account related issue. Please keep patience and wait for the elements support team reply. They will reply your open ticket and will be happy to help you.

You should to co-operate with envato elements team and try to contact them through the right channel (support ticket). Elements support you will get only from the Elements support team not from YouTube channel or other social media.

This is not my point. I did not know who to contact at the time that I posted this comment on your YouTube channel. Instead of replying to tell me to contact support, you shadow-banned me.

In addition to that, I checked your previous released video, and someone else posted a similar comment and they replied - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNV_qLqzqbU&t=31s

So you see here, why on Earth was I singled out to be shadow-banned? It is bad enough that my workflow has been disrupted, but being treated like this is making it worse! I am flabbergasted about this.

Envato YouTube channel would be set as most channels to keep all comments invisible to the public until reviewed by their channel admin. That is probably why you can see but no one else can see that comment. Envato staff will be back to work on Monday and then from Monday you can expect their reply, but how soon they reply depends on where that ticket is at the moment in their ticket system. They won’t leave you without a response. To clarify, moderators here are community members. We are Envato authors and helping here with moderating this forum only, we have no access to tickets nor their YouTube channel comments, therefore please wait until Customer Success replies to your ticket. I can understand you are in a hurry and I am sorry you need to wait, but it is the weekend and they are away until Monday.

just to post an update in about my case, if anyone is curious. I got a response and it was not what I expected.

Apologies for the inconvenience, your account was disabled because it uses the email address of a disposable/anonymising email service, which is not permitted for Envato accounts.
I have re-enabled your account, please change your email address to a regular service. You can do that here: Sign In | Envato Account

I am scratching my head in confusion, and I wrote:

say…whuut? Out of all the responses I could have expected, I never thought of that. I use SpamArrest as my primary email address. http://www.spamarrest.com/
It is an Email Service Provider…a paid ESP at that. I signed up back in 2010 as a monthly subscriber to SpamArrest, and then paid $399 for a lifetime membership because of their awesome spam filter. They have millions of users. It is just a normal email service but not as mainstream as Gmail and YahooMail and so on.

Please confirm. As I said, I had not expected a response like this, especially about my email address. Although I am a YouTuber as my side job, I am also a software engineer and in my day job work for a known Silicon Valley tech company. I can assure you from experience that a disposable and/or anonymizing email service does not describe SpamArrest in any way at all.

At least this is based on some weird misunderstanding, and they are not claiming that I abused their service in some way. They have re-enabled my account and I guess I can trade messages with them about this “email” matter. Of all the reasons they could have had, they chose to drive me crazy this weekend about the most silly thing possible.

This just happened to me this weekend as well. I’m still waiting for a reply, I cannot understand why they disabled my account. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Hopefully they will reply to me tomorrow.

Yea, apparently they do this often, as I now have discovered. I think they have different reasons depending on the person and the situation.

With me, it appears that had, or still have, some confusion over my email address. The ticket is still active, but at least at this point they re-enabled my account. The part that I don’t understand is why they don’t tell you in advance of locking the account. They could have created a ticket voicing concerns about my email address, and asked me to respond to it. They left me in limbo all weekend which is when I do most of my video work.

I hope it works out for you!

Thank you I appreciate it.

I need this to get resolved quickly since I too have video work that needs to be done soon.