I have downloaded a file in Envato, it saying it is a PSD file but unable to open the file using my photoshop. Can you help me?

I have downloaded a file in Envato, it saying it is a PSD file but unable to open the file using my photoshop. Can you help me?

Envato Admin, please help.

A ask,
you already buy this file on graphicriver? or download free for internet?

I have downloaded for Envato site. I have recently pay one year subscription.

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Please give link, I can see it for We will help you thanks.

When I am opening using photoshop, it is showing this…



sorry your photoshop version is cs5 is old version maybe you can download latest version photoshop cc 2018 or more

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Alright, will purchase 2018 version. Thank you for your time, highly appreciated :slight_smile:

I am not sure if I am in the right forum, but if I have some clarification again can you correct me where to post. Thanks you so much. God bless.

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Hello Jeri,

I still have errors on the files… I have downloaded PSD cc 2018 but I still cant open the files…
I have no problem downloading the pictures but PSD files I’m unable to open.

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Sorry I not can help you because I not know it, maybe you can open ticket support envato. many thanks.

Are you sure is for psd and not for ‘ai’ or something else?

You can ask author of this product in section comments in items page.

Good luck.

Hello Payothemes,

Yes, it is a psd file… First trial of my download on my first day was fine but I access again today and I’m unable to see the files except for “photo section”. I tried downloading backgrounds also to see where is the problem but still not able to view the files.

Sorry to hear that you are facing problem in opening file. please Contact Support and let
them know. Support team will check the file and assist you.

Thank you for the link, saves much of my time. Been searching that for a long time now… I just sent them the issues. Thanks again.

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Thank you JeriTeam… Appreciate your help.

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I have the same issues - not only psd, but any files I’m downloading. Not any single one are being recognized by my computre. I tried to reupload files that I already upload succesfully few days ago =< not working either.

I’m on the clock for a project - did you get any reply from the support already ? (nothing for me for the past hours… starting to get really anxious as it’s for this project that I purchase the yearly subscription)

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I think this is a bug I flagged on elements

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So far nothing yet Elleam, but I hope they will reply soon. I also need the invitation asap…

Yes i have the pretty much the same problem. Downloaded 4 different types of files and all of them were not recognizable by pc. I was downloading in last months without a problem.

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