I have downloaded a file in Envato, it saying it is a PSD file but unable to open the file using my photoshop. Can you help me?

Been having issues since yesterday night, seems some sort of possible server issue?

Yeah, none of my downloads are working either from Envato. The zip files have no .zip extensions. To troubleshoot I downloaded 3 other zip folders from other sites and the were successful downloads. This problem started, for me, last night late.

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Hi @angel_bep, @Dast123, @nicknapp0504 & @heatherdepolo. It looks like we had an issue with Envato Elements last night that prevented some types of files from being downloaded. That issue was resolved earlier this morning, and you should be able to download items as normal.

If you see anything like this in future, you can check https://status.envato.com/ to see if an incident has been reported. You can also open an Elements Help Ticket and our Customer Success team can look into it for you :slight_smile: