I can't open my photoshop file

I bought an art scene creator by vasaki.
I cannot access the layers containing the images.

I tried my old PS elements and online with photopia. No difference. I can’t contact anyone for support.
Can anyone help or direct me to the right place? Thanks.

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Without the exact item link it’s hard to check but for example this one https://graphicriver.net/item/branding-identity-scene-creator/11811113 - says it requires a minimum of CS4 so Elements or online alternatives will not work

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That would account for it then. Damn.

Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

hi sometimes there maybe an issue of font inside the file - this happened to me once - i guess the best way is to check on another computer (it works sometimes) if u can possibly do so and if not, the best thing would be to contact the concerned seller directly …

I will look on another computer thanks. I can’t figure out how to contact the seller. That’s why I came to this forum.
If all else fails I’ll get someone on Fiverr to help. Cheers.

i am sorry for u , indeed. This is always more difficult when u buy from someone not answering, no doubt about it … the fact of the matter is that i am not sure that someone in fiverr can help u opening a file that u do not manage to open … anyway good luck for dealign with this issue indeed

You could always download a temporary free trial to get it done plus PS is only like $10 a month on subscription