PSD file will not open CS2

Hi, if any one can give me quick bit of advice, that will be cool.
Just got mail from one of my buyers saying, the template he bought will not open in CS2.
I said i will ask on the forum for a fix, if there is no fix, i told him, i could customize it for him, probably for free or i could just refund.
Any thoughts ?

You are not obliged to ensure the file is supported in a version from close to 10 years ago - unless you state that it does on the item page/details??

Thanx for your reply. page details says, Minimum Adobe CS Version.
I agree it is a very old version.
so should i refund considering ive said Minimum Adobe CS Version

It’s the easiest option with the least stress.

Update the file description too! :wink:

it was an american sale with tax added, earning return very low considering it was an 8$ flyer. so its no problem to me to refund whatsoever. how do i refund or has he got ot start it

I’m not familiar with refunds on GR or insights can do it themselves like they can on TF - someone in the forums will know or email support

ok thanx for all your help

hi Charlie i highly recommend that he does not fail to provide support no matter what the version is because he maybe get a bad rating as a reward …

hey buddy , did u think about what is the cause for the file not to be supported? in many cases this is a matter of imbricating files with layers inside and u bring all the layers out u can manage to get the file opened with a way older version, now it also depends on how u have been using sone special features from later program updates … but the thing i told u may work and may help your buyer to be satisfied with having u helping …

It’s ten year old software - if it’s a 30 sec fix which won’t cause more issues great but remember if you fix it for one person then you have to do it for everyone.

Besides. Refund = no ability to rate so nothing to worry about