Actions and FX Box won't install

I’m trying to download an action into photoshop that also uses FX Box; and once downloaded, neither can be seen in Photoshop to add. I have the most current CC version and it still won’t see these actions to download. If anyone knows how to fix these problems I’d greatly appreciate it.

Otherwise if anyone knows how to get a refund on my subscription since nothing has worked from the start that would also be appreciated.

Regarding the subscription part, are you talking about Envato Elements? What about it isn’t working? You’re not trying to download things from GraphicRiver expecting to use the Elements subscription, are you?

Sorry, yes, I am talking about the Elements sibscription.

What isn’t working is an add-on that I downloaded through Elements and it won’t properly download into Photoshop with either FX Box (which also won’t download into Photoshop), nor will it work when I tried to download it directly without using FX Box.

The directions they provide to download both the add-on and FX Box aren’t very helpful when running into issues and error msgs either.

hi did u check the required versions of the concerned add-ons? this maybe the issue. I also recommend trying ton contact the author of the mentioned items so that they can possibly help u

The add-on says that as it stands, it works with all up to date versions of photoshop. I will try to contact the author to see if there is any assistance he can lend me. I’ve never tried to contact an author before, do you know how I might be able to contact them? When I look at the add-on itself, there doesn’t seem to be a “contact author” link anywhere.

this is simple, just go to the profile page of the author u bought from and leave a message in the dialogue box there … hopefully the person will answer u and solve your problem, though , some people sometimes complain that they could not get any answer from the the concerned people …

Thank you for your help, I will try to get a hold of the author.

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i think this is the best , in most cases this helps to solve issues :slight_smile: