Need Some tip for uploading PSD !!!

Hi Everyone,

I am new for envato and i have made a PSD to upload on envato market place. I have some queries below hope you will revert me.

  1. How envato will know that the image i am using in PSD that’s purchased by me or not ? Should i add only buy images or just add any image in preview file ?
  2. Should i write any .txt file for envato reviewers for direction ?
  3. Please guide me some tricks to upload PSD file on Envato

Thanks in Advance!!

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Thanks for your kind reply, but i am confused that should i buy image and then use it for preview file of i can just add any image from google ?

because i will not include those images in PSD just review in JPG format.

Waiting for your valuable reply.


As long as you don’t violate any copyright laws, you can use the images from “google” but it can be a problem, better not to use them.

Purchasing images for the preview is also an option but there’re lots of free stock photos that you could use (As long as you can link back to author, mention it somewhere on your item page or at the documentation.

I see you means i sohuld write CREDIT of that image where from i get that image. m i right ?


That’s correct