how to upload - PSD template ( help please )

Can someone tell me step by step
what i need for uploading PSD template

??? please

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like this

step 1 - folder name / example / psd+documentation= example (Modern)
what to put in to the documentation

and Text document ( help )

then screenshot folder to name like 00.preview / 01.screenshot / 02.screenshoot

thumbnail and then DONE ???

I don’t want to give incorrect info and assume you are trying to to use FTP rather than directly uploading?

In the interests of you getting the right answers I’d wait for someone to reply who has submitted a PSD this way previously.

ok man thank you im using Direct upload i wil wait someone t oexplain me step by step // thank you

If it is direct via your dashboard then it is quite self explanatory - It tells you at each step what to upload there? eg. Name >> Description >> Thumbnail >> Preview >> Main Files (e.g. the downloadable version)

You might find this useful:

I got it . Thank you