hard rejection in Uploding psd template

hi, can any guide me uploading PSD template i tried and follow all the instruction provided by themeforest but every time i failed as themeforest doesn’t give any excuses for hard rejections. but when i try to upload in theme monster they accepted my theme too and i got sales also. I want to know is there is any discrimination for Pakistan sites in envato market place.

  1. there’s no discrimination on anyone

  2. as an exclusive author trying to submit items sold elsewhere breeches your author agreement and will never be approved

  3. if you share demo images here then people can offer advice

hi charlie thank you to take interest on my post here i am sharing my PSD template jpeg

hi, i am following all the given information to upload a PSD Template but i got hard rejection every time can any one help
Technical Requirements

    Must be in Adobe Photoshop format (PSD) 
    Must be compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3 or newer 
    Minimum page size is 800 pixels by 600 pixels at 72PPI for small designs (vCards) 
    Minimum page size is 1024 pixels by 768 pixels at 72PPI for other designs
    Must be in RGB color mode 
    All text must be editable 
    All basic shapes must be editable 
    Must include layout guidelines
Layers and Groups
    All groups and layers must be clearly and logically labelled (related elements should be grouped, such as buttons, links, etc) 
    All layers should be unlocked 
    Color adjustments must use an adjustment layer (rasterized layers are not acceptable)

Documentation Requirements

File structure must be outlined
Groups & layers must be documented, preferably with screenshots and descriptions
Credits & resource URL(s) should be included

Item Description Requirements

List the number of pages included
Describe what the template is designed for
List credits and required resources. This includes the fonts, patterns and shapes used in the template.