The JPEGs should be no larger than 900x900px

I just received reply from approval team about the preview images
My original design is 1920* 6492 and now the approval team send me this !

“1. SCREENSHOTS: There is a problem with your Preview Image Set (screenshots). Preview Image Sets should be uploaded in a separate ZIP file, which contains only additional views of your item, in JPEG format. The JPEGs should be no larger than 900x900px, and named in the order you want them to appear, using the following format: 01_filename.jpg, 02_filename.jpg, 03_filename.jpg.”

Well, It doesn’t make sense ! since the other PSDs that already approved are more than 900*900

What should I do :slight_smile: ?

Thank you

Hi @ExpressPlus,

Actually your preview images set has to be resized to 900x900px, so you need to crop/resize all of those images and reupload the ZIP file. Your main preview image can be larger, but as far as I’m concerned Envato will limit height of those as well anytime soon.

Please refer to official guidelines:


Okay but in this case the customer won’t see the whole preview images
before he buy the PSD file

I’m confused to be honest, any recent PSD submissions have large screenshots. I’m trying to find a guide for PSD templates, but there’s nothing about preview images in there.

Please check if your file names are as follows: “01_filename.jpg, 02_filename.jpg” etc. I suppose you could also resend your current files and ask reviewer for additional opionion, giving him some examples of items already available.