I have created this logo in Photoshop if i upload do they accept ?

I have created a simple neat and clean logo, Title “Simple Graphics”. This is created in Photoshop can I upload it on graphic river or should I create the same logo in adobe illustrator please expert guide me Thanks

Don’t be ridiculous -


Either it is your design and in which case - as an exclusive author you are breaching your author agreement with envato OR you cannot just rip and upload stock graphics with two words attached to it and call that original work or a logo.

This will be a waste of your own, the reviewer, and other authors’ time and most likely result in the account being banned.

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i did not know my friend sent it to me and said upload on envato i am really sorry to hear about this i wont upload such designs neither from my friend i will create my own using illustrator. That’s why i first upload here to get review from professionals and i am glad you tell me that its belong to shutter stock and i really appreciate Thank you so much dear. and please review my letterhead template its my own design its rejected first time don’t know why here is it

hi @charlie4282 gave u a very right answer indeed, and i would like to add that in any case, if u ask me, this logo has close to no potential at all to sell at all … this could be a decent custom logo if it were designed in illustrator if we are considering only aesthetics , but to make it short as a logo template for a marketplace potentiality to sell is close to 0 or even less lol first of all this would basically mean that the buyer company should have “SS” as initials or extendedly “55” as a name , which is almost means no business at all , especially considering that people in western countries would very unlikely choose such initials insofar as “SS” was the initial for “schultz steiner” a nazi group in WW2 … so the bottom line is that your target would be even more restricted if u know what i mean … as a photoshop file only, things gets worse again for this is a professional logo design marketplace here and professional logos are meant to be design in illustrator since they are meant to be enlarged according to matters and uses …

Thank you very much. I will use illustrator for logo design come up with creativity and business logo that sells can you also check letterhead design by me upload but rejected also tell me where do i make mistakes waiting and "Kind wishes "

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as for your letterhead goes, there is also much to say indeed. First of all, the bottom line is that there is not much graphic design into it and that this is not helping to bring some originality to the table and to make your design thus differ from others. In addition even if we consider the minimalistic style as an “interesting style” which is not my case - i am not hiding - there are still a good deal of things to fix or improve so that the item gets to the next level in the end. First of all, u should invest some time to create a decent fake logo to bring a little more graphic design in the template and make the preview look better in the process … then, the spacing looks weird as the footer is a bit like choking while u have some strange white space stripes under the header and after the main body of the template. The green color is not a supe choice as offering very little contrast with the white background. This , in a snowball effect , makes u be confronted with a readability issue of the text in green color which are far from being super visible indeed , not to mention that the green of these texts and the general green do not look the same … the brush style text signature simply does not match with the rest of the flyer and the rest of the typo, which are all very corporate looking and very straight so that the more curvy style of the used font and related text definitely look coming out of the blue. u also have an issue as regard to breathing in the footer area and above the header , contents should be given more white space so that this does not look like chocking indeed. Finally, for me, one of the main problems with what u here is this … the template can redone in a few minutes by anyone having basic skills in photoshop so that potential buyers will not feel like that they are saving some time out of buying , they would this rather opt for redoing the thing and save money. Neither can they feel like that they are going to take their graphic skills to the next level by buying the item, so that the item has close to no potential either, if u ask me, so identifying just this why would a reviewer accept the template and make it for sale in an already busy professional marketplace offering already more interesting and worked out items?

i did not know my friend sent it to me and said upload on envato

Even if the story about your friend was true, you can’t upload other people’s work. It has to be your own original work.

If you need to earn some quick money, you should seriously look somewhere else. It won’t happen here, so please stop wasting people’s time.

okay i will upload my own logo and designs Thanks