17 logos rejected,why?How to improve?Need help!


It is all rejected,It must be my logo is not good enough,Can you give me some advice?

Anyone reply?

In my experience there is no solid answer why. They’re rejecting 90% of logos. Just wondering how many works authors with big logos portolio had submitted.

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thank you very much for your reply.

but how to make money?

If we upload vectors,it will be rejected in the same way?

Have no idea xD I got only author level 2, and about 30 rejected logos. Never tried to upload vectors, so don’t know how it is. But I believe there are another reviewers, so “play rules” might be different and more clear than in logo section, like it is in a graphic section.
So how did you made 78 logos to your GR portfolio? What’s your secret? :slight_smile: I got only 2 out of 30+, did you uploaded like 500 ones?)

from 2014 to now,I uploaded more than 500 items,but rejected 400+ items.my items is hard to be approved.I do not know somebody who can upload and be approved 1000+ or 2000+ logos,I dont know how to do that,Upload a logo has become more and more difficult.

it seems that they don’t need LOGO:joy:

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Yea, it feels like this, and many topics with logo hard rejects on forums proving that) So, i guess, there’s no other way than to upload tons of works.

if your logos are all be rejected ,you will be tired.

Yes, it’s frustrating, and you’ll have to change your focus sometimes from making logos for envato market. That’s why I have some items in graphics, also you can upload rejected items on other stocks, to kinda work out your wasted time. But in the end, seems like envato doesn’t leave us an alternate option than to be tired :slight_smile:

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Hmm,I will try to upload some vectors,hope it will be approved.:relaxed:

Good luck and many sales to you, after making so many logotypes it should be ok :smiley:

Thank you!

I’m no logo wizard… but rather than uploading another 500 logos in the hope that 100 get accepted, wouldn’t it be more efficient to try and identify what got the original 100 approved… and try and make 100 more of a similar style/quality?

yea, but you see examples of rejected logos at the topic first post, they’re all might have passed review, because obviously they’re at same quality etc. as accepted ones, so this strategy doesn’t really works with logo section. Beleave me it’s the first thing every one does when he’s trying to upload a logo. And there are many topics about that and no solid answer

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Guys this is obvious - there is no logic approval logos. Approved good and bad logos are made according to rules and no. Take 20 or 1 in day and rejected 1000

Maybe you’ll get lucky one day and a good reviewer will give you a chance, like me once. Since then not approved none ))

So many complaints about the logo templates, but no one does anything )) do you think that someone care?

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thanks for your remind.