Again and again REJECTED LOGO!

100 uploads and 0 aproved works! Why?? Tell me someone, What wrong with my works???

We cannot help you even if you got 1,000 rejections.
Please provide more information;

  • Which software you used for creating logos?
  • Do you have turned the text layers into curves?
  • DPI, color mode?
  • How did you create this shape? From preset, web element, free element or handmade? If it’s handmade it’s not the best symmetrically shape here.
    You must also edit the colors and the typography.
    You must provide black/white mode to your preview and change the whole preview design, because the background color don’t fit to your logo design.
    Now it looks like an eye in swimming pool belt or something.
    One of the most common mistakes that some of the users do is that they are creating 10 items per week and waiting for 100% approve without any feedbacks, help, etc. It does not matter the quantity but quality.
    I’m sure that your logos will become approved, just rework your logos. Don’t upload the same designs because they are hard rejected. Envato don’t like hard rejected resubmissions. One item can take up to 1 month or more but it will be with perfect design, eye-catching preview, video demonstration and tutorial and 100% trending badge :slight_smile:

Can you write me?

On Graphicriver not necessary to turnes the text layers inco curves. So we need to write link for free font Download that we used. And I do not see in your portfolio logo, I mean how do you know what my problem in upload logo on Graphicriver.

Because i have many sold logos through forums. Working as a graphic designer, but the most selling items in GR are actions. This is why i’m selling creative, unique, easy for customers actions which you will not find in GR. :slight_smile:

Ok, Sorry for my coarseness.

But you’ll help me?

I helped as much as i can. But first you must provide the information that i want here. Not in PM. Let all members read it. Other people can help too :slight_smile:

Which software you used for creating logos? - Adobe Illustrator

  • Do you have turned the text layers into curves? - No
  • DPI, color mode? 300 PPI

2 version Included in mail file, Vertical & Horizontal – >

How did you create this shape? -
1 image
2 image

3 image

What in main file include - image

Excuse experts, whether the software is affecting the quality of the logo? how the placement of the logo files are good? whether the join of all? or a single file that is ready for print?

thank before

i think the logo do not really render as it should when i look at it at first time i saw a spider then after that i read the logo name and figure out that you tryed to do an eyes it is important when creating a logo that the logo reflect the target of it and not only make logo with random shapes hoping to get approved on here.

Thank you/

Hello. Excuse me, but your logo deserve the hard rejection! please make an effort and create another one with the same idea but looks moooooore great than this. Get inspired and try again :wink: GL

Hello, Thank you. But I don’t know how do this logo in format to the print. I learn it . If you know how, please tell me.