First item on graphicriver - hard rejected twice. Help find a solution

Hello :smile:

I try to upload my logo and have problem with hard rejection. Read envato step-by-step guide twice, but still have problem. Maybe experienced authors will be able to point me to the problem. Thank you!

I prepared all files in one picture, so you can check where I have problem.

Can you please help me to understand why I have hard reject? Thanks for you time :smile:

Better resolution

In my opinion, there is a problem with typography.
Decrease a size of the logo to let’s say 50px width and then try to look at it from that perspective.

Thank you for answer, I will try.

hi buddy, i personaly agree with Alex , but i hope dare that they did not reject your work for that matter all the same, because a hard rejection, would not be suitable , a soft one reasonable , as your logo is good but you also have to keep in mind tat people want to have their brand / name underlined. I f u also have to keep in mind that here typo is essential when this is precisely what customers and buyers are more likely to change … in my view thety make too much of a big deal but what they are being right for is that by choosing a consistent typo and so on, then u’ll get a good preview and normally sell more easily …

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