100 or many times my logo always "Hard Rejected" why?

My logo always “Hard Rejected” why? 100 or many times my logo hard Rejected, Anyone help me? Please check my logo and file setting, everything fine but i don’t no, my most of creative logo hard rejected, Why review Autour not replied, please reply here :frowning:

Video Tutorial Link :cry:

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You do not need to worry my friend you are close you should save ai and eps files - (cs) and not every file is different

Thanks you brother for your feedback, my other eps setting is good?

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Graphic elements should be made with the minimum number of points possible to define the shapes, this ensures that the paths are smooth. Excessive points can make the file difficult to edit and can show irregularities at higher magnifications .

Just a heads up that hard rejections never have to do with technical issues such as file setup. If that was the case, the reviewer usually tells you exactly what’s wrong and will allow you to make the fix and submit it again.

In your case it likely has to do with the design itself not being up to the quality standard.


you are completely right … :slight_smile:

hi i am not sure that this is what happens but let’s face it , if all logos are kind of the same as the one u show here , i am not very surprised that u had ten hard rejected indeed … this logo has too many details indeed as they consider the logo in very small size here and the special thing about small elements in small previews i that they look not good visually speaking , it gives the feeling that the logo is “choking” … in addition, sorry to say just this but the typo is super common and flat and this the thing that matters the most here overall … not to mention that it looks like that u do not have the required horizontal version too , so all in a nutshell u did not have much chance to have this logo accepted here …


I understand, but i submit 2 varation here, but why always :frowning:

yeah but u always have the same issues about typo … lol

thanks @n2n44

u are welcome buddy, if u feel like i gave u clues enough as why your item was rejected , pals check the “solution” box, have a nice day :slight_smile: