My logo was rejected without any reason? more than no quality

I would like you to kindly help me with technical parameters please

What measures are given to the work table for a logo?

What dimensions should the logo structure have?

Should I use more promotional products that better represent the logo?

mi logo no aplica para venderse como un logotipo , sino mas bien como un vector?

Does the image set file all have to be the same size?

The typography of this design is modify …!

included in zip file, jpg, EPS, AI Version 10
in addition to the instruction file,
as you can see is a low poly design

Did I scream everything I had to shout for someday to accept a logo? help me is my first time here

Here is an article that explains what you need to submit a logo.

The Preview image set should have a max of 900px wide for each image.

hi i think that u definitely had an effort of originality , though u have to understand that this is not the style that they really look for here , for many reasons and that u have a whole lot of things to fix also so that this is potentially making it here …

1- global style
this is too detailed here they consider the logo in very small size , try to imagine how the details look like in such dimension , u will realize that this will not look good for sure …

2- missing tagline
this is required and this alone can lead u to a hard rejection, in particular if they turn out to consider your work as not necessarily convincing in the first place …

3- adaptability …
i am almost sure that this is not the letter which is producing this monocle and that thus u will not have the same effect and that thus interest is decreasing in case this is not a B being the first letter indeed …

4- horizontal version
one of the major problems is that with what u have done here , there is no way u can have a horizontal version but the problem is that this is required … so basically u do not stand a chance to get accepted …