I had reject but why?

Hello friends! I was hard reject. I would like to know your opinion why? https://soundcloud.com/z-studio-524311927/boxingdayprev

I think its a nice track with potential, but I hear some things that could contribute to the rejection.
The first thing I notice is the bells. The 8th note rhythm sounds a little busy and at times uneven, I would suggest a less busy rhythm.
There are some rhythmic inaccuracy throughout. In my opinion the synth pad is too loud and the bass are playing some really low notes around 40-45 seconds thats outside the normal range for a bass. Also the short version ends too abruptly.
Hope this helps!

Thank you Hyperprod! I think you right. I try fix it. And second part it is Loop :slight_smile:

That explains it :slight_smile:

I think so :wink:

Hi! Nice music, it is strange that it was not aproved.

It would sond better with accoustic bass or low pizzicato strings :slight_smile:
I Think.

Thank you OnTheTune!

i am not a music expert, i liked it , just maybe a little bit more variety in the first part of the track would have been welcome , it is slightly repetitive or long at a time in this part , in my view

I agree with Hyperprod; the rhythm is a bit busy for the purpose of stock music. If you think of the average use scenario (music with voice-over), the meter of this track might be distracting and conflict with the timing of a VO. If I were listening to a narrator on this, I’d be paying attention to the song.

What’s cool though is the sophistication of your chordal progression, nice work there.

Don’t worry, I sell music outside here VERY successfully (please don’t pm me asking which websites) and I get almost everything rejected here. I expect it and don’t get upset anymore because I don’t take reviewers seriously here. Sorry but I don’t when I see the same old mediocre stuff making it though the net with “inspirational, uplifting etc etc etc”

The only thing that stuck out to me was the bell melody in the bridge section. I think it interferes with the rhythm a bit. Other than that, I like the track, keep up the good work!

I think this has really nice structure-- all of the musical ideas are lovely, and I liked the way you kept it nice and varied throughout. Unfortunately I think this one is just a matter of production quality. As has been mention before, a lot of the music is unbalanced, with the bell sound in particular sticking out quick a a bit when it is playing the melody. I also feel like there is a lot of noise in the jingle bell backing-- I feel like I hear some swirling distortion, almost like it has been poorly compressed and then re-imported into this song.

Overall, I think a slightly more balanced mix and perhaps a bit (more?) reverb on the jingle bells and I think maybe it would do better in the review process.

It is a very nice melody for sure. I feel like a couple of things might be issues:

  • The overall song is rhythmically complex in a way that detracts from focus on a voice over. This is a big deal and I suspect buries a lot of tracks that get submitted. Always imagine a VO on your track and think “will the viewer’s focus be more on the music than what is being said?” I finished a Viennese orchestral waltz and submitted with high expectations. It was frankly pretty killer and super ‘real’ and traditional. It got hard rejected- my first rejection of any track I’ve submitted in seriousness since I signed up. I was heartbroken b/c of the invested time and emotion; then I realized that it was too complex and focal for a proper voice-over presence. Something to think about; I hate to say that your AJ music needs to be totally lowest common denominator, but I will suggest that the arrangement/progressions should typically be very straight ahead. I can’t tell you how many top selling tracks use the same 4/4 Cranberry’s “Zombie” style chordal progression (no matter for corporate or epic trailer or whatever, it’s so common) and it makes me want to gouge my eyes and ears, but man, that simplicity works for your audience.

  • The track overall is very warm and pleasant. The pads are rather synthetic and loud in the mix, and quite legato though, so, combined with a subdued, round rhythm section, make for low impact and emotional presence. I think you could reduce them way back. It’s the rhythm that keeps coming to mind though, the movement of your chords- the production is good quality but somewhere between rhythmic over-complexity and an overall ‘2d’ and slightly synthetic feel of production presence, you may have fallen away from an ideal piece for approval. Good luck, it takes guts to ask for critique, and it’s great that you’re doing what you’re doing!

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