Pop electro track rejected, some advice? Thank you!

Hi guys,

this is my last track rejected, I uploaded it in the ‘Pop’ category, have you some suggestion to understand why?
Composition, sounds, mixing/mastering?

Thank you so much!

Hi @Floberaudio, I think this is a really great track! The only production thing I would highlight is that some of your sweep sounds seem a bit lo-fi or low quality. I like the low passed B section as well, and it does add some variation, though I wonder if the reason for rejection is that the track repeats itself too much?

Perhaps another simple counter melody or extra synth texture would give each section something different. In terms of value, I think the customer (and by extension the reviewer) is looking for a track that can give them lots of slightly different flavours within a track so they have plenty of options to work with during their edit.

The production is quite good IMO - keep it up and don’t be discouraged :slight_smile:

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Well, sounds like an AJ track to me :slight_smile:
The melody might be a bit piercing on the top frequencies against a voiceover perhaps?

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Thank you so much @singhstudio, I appreciated a lot your feedback! Maybe I have to make some variation in the last part, I don’t know about the sweep sound, I used a synth for this with an automation, but probably I have to work better on it…

Thanks again for your time, best wishes! :slight_smile:

Thank you @megatalented, I don’t understood well about the comment on the melody… The high frequencies sound harsh in your opinion?

Thanks for the remark! :slight_smile:

Well I’m only second guessing the reviewers… but yes, the melody on it’s own as a piece of music stands out a lot, played in the upper octaves and the chime sound cuts through the mix - i.e. that would compete quite a lot with a voice over for example. Same tune done more a little bit subtle on a less harsh sound might sound more ‘relaxing’ as per the title and give more space to allow for a voiceover. Some of my tracks were rejected and I’m applying the same logic to those. I could be wrong, of course!

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That’s right for sure, great tip, now I understood!
Thanks a lot, many cheers! :smiley: