I don't know if to say envato is working with authors against buyers

I don’t know if to say envato is working with author against buyers. I have purchased a very bad script, no support from author, script does not work as described. i have written many ties to both envato and author, no response from either of them. Just today after 2 weeks envato sent ma mail asking me to click raise dispute on a link from my email. When i click on link i can not find any raise dispute button. I don’t know if the people managing this envato site are real humans. Joining hands with their quack authors to frustrating buyers looking for worthwhile scripts to purchase. Please i need refunds to happen immediately so i can purchase another script


Contact with Envato Customer Support they would like to assist.Item support is author responsibility and you have right to get refund his item is not match with their describing details and if he didn’t give you support as Envato Policy.

Can you tell me which script you have purchased ?


Thank you for your response. I bought Classified Ads CMS - Quickad. here is link: https://codecanyon.net/item/quickad-classified-ads-php-script/19960675?s_rank=1

If you check the comment section of this script, you see how really bad it is, no one is saying anything good. you can check for yourself: https://codecanyon.net/item/quickad-classified-ads-php-script/19960675/comments

Please i need refunds to happen in a hurry so i can purchase a working script with good support