problems with authors and their scripts

ok I have been a customer for some years and bought many scripts and what I have noticed is that there some problems

first of all scripts that have been removed by authors are removed for future sales. Why have they being removed for me that I already bought the script and I may need to redownload the original script ​for whatever reason?

Second and most important … some authors take the money and do no support or take too long and time is money. My latest purchase Quickad Classified Ads has no support and I want my money back. I created a ticket days ago and no answer and I am fed up.

At the end of the day I can break the security of the script and use it for free but I prefer to support the authors but some of them take the money and ran away.

Please doublecheck your authors. When there is no support you will loose business at the end of the day.

thank you

First point: Envato do not own the copyright to items, so once an author removes that item, Envato must remove all access to it.

Second point: When did you submit a ticket? The item does say that support can take 5 business days.

I submitted a ticket at the support website where the author guided me to submit … at My Tickets / Bylancer (

Please have a look at the latest comments for quickad classifieds script and you will understand.