What i do if i buy a php script and that not works?

I want to buy a script but its not updated from last 2 years, So i want to ask if the script not worked for them what will i do? Envato will help me to solve it?

You may be able to get the refund but it may take a while and lots of emails.
Better be sure than sorry, find one script that updated recently.

Before purchasing you can go to ask item support section. Then author support team help you. Before buy you can check item reviews and comments. Envato not help for item support. Because script Support and responsibilities only authors. In case after purchase no support from authors then Envato help you for refund. But you need to wait gor author support mentioned response time. Most of authors maximum help within response time.

You should purchase an item which is up-to-date and maintain regular update.

You definitely ask your pre-purchase queries directly to the author of the item through posting a comment in the item’s comments page. Author will answer your query.

Item support is the author’s responsibility. If you need any support about the item’s features and functionality then you have to contact the Author of the Item. If you have any report about the item or support then you can contact Envato support and let them know. Envato support will be happy to assist you.


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