I designed a logo and before uploading in envato templets i want some refine suggestions.


Hi Akshayraj13,

My insights. I’ll take the third image as reference (black circle).

  • In your art, the vertical black lines are thinner than the horizontal lines (ground). I would use exactly the same width/stroke for all the black lines.

  • The white space between the ground lines could be exactly the same of the vertical white spaces in the taller building.

  • The roof inclination of the three short buildings could be the same of the taller building

  • Instead of making the laterals of the three short builds in black, you could use two vertical black lines and also use the same white space between the lines.

This way all your art will follow a pattern of distances, but this is just a initial setup.


I like these suggestions, i will post again. With this correction ! Thank you !


hi the fact of the matter is that this logo has more than a deja vu feeling resulting from both the concept and visual parts … much have been done with buildings and so on and this is quite difficult to bring something new in any way with such themes. This alone maybe a reason for the rejection , as i assume that u are not failing to realize that envato is not interested in some things with “rockets” or other stuffs like this, since they already have a lot, so that if u create something in such themes, the logo is systematically being rejected , period … in addition, to the matter of creativity and theme, there are other thing to note. The typo, sorry to say just that but is miles away from current standards in GR, where typo is a main focus, probably the most important of all and where , thus expectations are high and real efforts demanded. What u have now maybe felt as clean but compost importantly again as flat and sort of tasteless, as u failed to generate any relief at all. Introducing variations, font combinations and touches of originality would help substantially to take the typo to the next level and the whole logo in the meanwhile. They would also increase the impact of it and the commercial potential , as well. One of the things that u failed to to do properly in my view is articulate both the illustration and text parts and , apart from the imbrication not being properly and the next being too stuck to the illustration and not harmoniously integrating, the color dissonance between the original logo and the text doe snot help. Why using this dark grey color coming out of the blue, nit being really matching with the orange also , by the way ? i have no clue, not to mention that this also tends to make the text prevail over the illustration in terms of hierarchy , which does not really make sense. Still about the relationship between the illustration and text part , i guess u can identify that both part are not aligned properly , which , alone could justify a hard rejection, for u turns out to violate a basic design principle here , namely alignment, which is never a good idea to say the least and definitely has a very negative impact as far as the professionalism of the logo goes … i also agree 100% with @webdesigntrade when it comes to the discrepancy between horizontal lines and vertical ones, even if i tend to believe that this is not shocking and that this is just a sideway mistake not justifying a hard rejection, but rather makes u get to a hard rejection out of compiling mistakes of the same range , so to speak.


hey thnx for corrections, can you please give me tips for coming up with perfect typeface for logo?

hi indeed, there is magic wand, u just need to see what is done by others, test by yourself and so on , in other word work a lot … u can also inspire from some youtube channels dealing with the best current fonts and so on …

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u had posted it in another thread if i am correct, right?

No, i left this project

hi as usual u have more or less the same mistakes according to me … first of all there is a color disconnection between the illustration and text part in the first place that bring some disharmony to the table. Then, the imbrication of both part is not done properly , there is something wrong about the way these two parts are chained i guess that the very straight appearance of both part do not help. There is another issue with the balance since the text is being one more time really too widespread horizontally speaking so that there looks like there is a problem with the proportion of both parts. the global style is also really too plain if u ask me, it does not tae big skills or much efforts to be able to redo the logo in a short while , which basically means that this is decreasing gamely the commercial potential of the item. People will opt for redoing rather than buying and as they will not feel like they will save significant time or offer a product far beyond their personal graphic design skills , in particular as regard to the fact that a logo is one of the most expensive items in the whole catalogue of products and that they may even be able to get something like this a free template in the internet , u thus need to put more of what u have inside this work so that this gets more worked out, outstanding, more balanced and definitely gets more commercial potential

Sorry but I had left this project incomplete very earlier and started ‘Mello Bee’. Please check out. and give some suggestions…