I am new at envato, submitted 4 logos & all were rejected, kindly guide me with valuable feedback ?

You need to improve your skill allot in order to get approved. You have many issues in concept, typography, proportions, selling potential.

Thanks for your valuable feedback. I really appreciate. Can you take 5 minutes to refine one of the concepts maybe the 1st one. so that many others like me can get benefits from it. Please?

hi, i am sorry to say just this but u have a lot of work ahead as regard to current standards indeed. U have to figure out that this is not a get-rich-quick place here and that most of your works will require much time, efforts and so on without even being sure that they turn out to be accepted due to continuously raising standards. This far apart form having rather “weak” concepts at the moment, the way u materialize your idea looks rather clipartish. Not, to mention that most of your logos would not take much time or ethereal skills to be redone, which obviously decreases the interest that people may have for these logos as well as it decreases the commercial potential that they may have , as well. Look, if people do not feel like they will save significant tim out of buying or make the most of graphic design that they do not have, why would they buy? they would rather choose to simply take some time, redo by themselves - sometimes fixing some issues otherwise BTW - and save money … Let’s face it , in addition, your logos are far from being “plain but perfectly executed” so to speak. There is much to say as regard to the typo - on elf the main points here - which is too flat and definitely not matching super well with the illustrations that they are associated with. The best example of this is the pet locator one … u have a very rounded paw and quite a straight font to go with it … there is thus a discrepancy in terms of style … globally not to focus on the one exclusively, all typo here are too flat , it would take u to have more variations, more font combinations and more touches of originality so that u can generate not only more attraction but more relief and a better hierarchy in the process, too … I would like to point also that some of your logos look even more having a discrepancy between both illustration and text parts that colors are not matching , which results in both parts looking “pasted with each other” rather than really composed. pls also pay attention to the proportion of both parts … , in most of your logos, names are very extended horizontally and consequently look misbalanced or unproportionnaly arranged. I will add that one of your logos, does not have text … (the last one) > lethal error … how could people even know that this is a logo if u do not have any? this could be an icon, for instance … besides, still about this last “logo” the preview is pretty dark and definitely not valuing your work , not to mention that u kind of violate a basic design principle > contrast …(another lethal mistake)