About Logo Submission

Dear my expert Envato team,
I will be very happy that
I have a Question about my Illustrator Artboard logo set manners
that I have given here two artboard samples.

if I submit my logo template
according to the above sample Main file preview scenario
(Vertical and horizontal logo setting).

Is there any Logo Set Mistake seen in Two Artboard previews?

If I set my main file logo color variation according to this scenario,
my Main file will be rejected after submission?

Please, sir, I will be very happy if you clear me as soon as possible.


LOL are u kidding , buddy?! do not tell me that u have been more or less trying to sell a envato’s copyrighted logo, all the same ! LOOOOOOOL not only the thing looks too very close from their logo but there are execution and preview problems as the logo looks distorted… The font is super flat and both illustration and text part are not imbricating well, not to mention that the text part has a very limited impact, the font u used being too thin. The tag line and name are not in the right proportions either

Try this one and just change the colors. LOL


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I d like to say that…this is I ve provided here just Sample not my real logo…

Only you give solution for
Vertical and Horizontal format setting is Okay?

Will Envato reject my logo template for this Format setting?

Pls reply soon.

no they may not for the reason that u mentioned - but not sure , some people think they can, some people say this is not absolutely demanded, hard to tell then … better to have both in y view, to make sure - they will reject it because this looks like u try to sell their logo lol